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Networking Bingo – a huge success!

Post by: Ginny Torok, SEUPRSSA Recruitment Director

About halfway through all the business of National Assembly, the Networking Bingo Happy Hour gave us all an opportunity to relax and mingle with other PRSSA members and some of the local professionals from Austin PRSA. The bingo game had a board filled with some fun, mostly PR related questions that helped to break the ice and strike up interesting conversation. The lucky one student wearing a burnt orange shirt definitely made some new connections by signing everyone’s “wearing burnt orange” square.

For our St. Edward’s University Chapter, it was fun for the seven of us to meet students from all over the country with similar interests. We also had the opportunity to become better acquainted with some of the PRSA Austin members. It was a great chance for us to catch up and get some advice from our mentors. It is always a pleasure to chat with our own professional advisor Ivan Davila, who also attended the Networking Bingo.

After the happy hour, a few of the PRSA students from our Chapter and numerous different schools proceeded to dinner at the local restaurant, Gueros­ – Even Ivan came! Here we all got to do what we love to do most: eat, and communicate!

Overall, the Networking Bingo Happy Hour was a great success! We had the opportunity to make new friends and further build our professional relationships – which are some of our main goals as PRSSA members.