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SEUPRSSA Learns Valuable Lessons at National Assembly

Post by: Sara Roberts, SEUPRSSA Vice President

This weekend was a very exciting and educational experience for members of the St. Edward’s University Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) Chapter who attended the 2010 PRSSA National Assembly. The National Assembly is an annual event, which was held in Austin this year. We were more than happy to welcome students from over 260 universities across the country to our hometown. The purpose of the Assembly is for the election of the PRSSA National Committee. The National Committee election process is something that each Chapter around the nation takes part in. Each PRSSA Chapter elects one member to serve as a delegate at the Assembly, the person who votes for the National Committee on behalf of their Chapter. The election process is very important, and quite formal; in fact, the entire third day of Assembly was devoted to the elections, because it is very a long process.  

The Assembly began on Thursday, March 12th and ended Sunday, March 14th. During the three days of Assembly, there were many activities and sessions for PRSSA members to take part in.

The first night focused on welcoming everyone to the Assembly and networking with other PRSSA members from across the nation. We became familiar with the Assembly schedule and what each day would entail.


 The second day of the National Assembly was filled with informational sessions. The sessions were very similar to the ones Ally Hugg, the SEUPRSSA President, and I experienced last year at the Assembly in New Orleans. Last year, we found the sessions to be very helpful; they provided us with new insights and ideas to bring back to our Chapter. This year, we were excited that our attending SEUPRSSA members were able to experience these sessions and take all that they could from them. The first part of the morning was devoted to Chapter officer sessions. The sessions were broken into groups and members would attend the officer session they were currently in or hoped to be elected into. The sessions were split into:

  • Presidents/Vice Presidents/ Firm Directors
  • Public Relations/ Liaisons/ Historians
  • Secretaries/Treasurers/ Webmasters
  • National Officer Preparation

These sessions were to inspire officers and bring new ideas to their Chapters. Ally Hugg, Courtney Medford, and I attended the Presidents/Vice Presidents/Firm Directors session. Through the session, we learned ways to recruit new members, tips on how to decide the tasks of an officer, point system strategies, and ways to make each Chapter the best it could be. 

 “I was glad to get advice from other Chapter Presidents of the best ways to transition officer titles. I know that when I graduate, the next President will be prepared and ready because of the strategies I learned about passing along my duties,” said Hugg.

As the morning went on, we attended Leadership Training sessions. The sessions were based on protecting your personal brand, problem solving within a chapter, and how personality types can affect group dynamics. Each meeting was insightful and fun. My favorite session out of the three was, “Does my Personality Affect Group Dynamics?”

For this session, we were given a test to figure out our personality type – designed to assign each person a color based on their answers. Once we answered the questions and added up our scores, we split into groups based on our assigned color. The colors were blue, green, gold, and orange. In these groups, we talked about how we fit into the color traits. For example I am a blue person. A blue personality type is someone who is enthusiastic, sympathetic, personal, warm, communicative, peaceful, and sincere. We read about how we interact in work, in love, and in childhood. Everyone in my group shared stories and examples of how the blue personality type fit them perfectly. Next, all of the groups composed symbols and logos that represented their personality type. For the blue group, we decided to focus on how we are emotional and caring for people. We long to be sympathetic to others’ needs, and are compassionate in every aspect of life. The blue team composed a cloud with symbolic raindrops falling into an umbrella. The umbrella held the rain as we hold on to others obstacles and try our best to help them through it. Some of the water missed the umbrella and went on the ground where flowers grew. The flowers symbolized how we are rooted in our ways and stand tall for ourselves and for people around us.

All of the colors in the room presented their personalities to the other groups and discussed how all our personalities were different. I found out that a green person is very analytical, logical, a perfectionist, and hypothetical which is the complete opposite of a blue person.   Though blue and green personalities can clash, they need to be dynamic in group settings for everyone in the team to succeed. This exercise made everyone realize that we all have differences in how we work and feel but we can all work together and be a driven force. I thought of my peers in PRSSA and our different personality colors. Knowing how these personalities are categorized helped me understand my peers and how we can overcome a lot as a group if we distinguish the best ways our individual personalities can work together.



Networking that makes you say “Bingo!”

Have you heard? Delegates and members from PRSSA chapters from all over the country will congregate in Austin from March 11-14th for the annual PRSSA National Assembly.

Take advantage of this opportunity and join PRSA Austin, PRSSA National and the PRSSA Chapters of Texas State University, The University of Texas and St. Edward’s University for the chance to work on interviewing and networking skills and discuss recruitment opportunities!

And you won’t want to miss out on “Networking Bingo,” a fun and exciting way to meet successful Austin-area communication professionals. Bingo winners will receive awards and raffle prizes will be given throughout the night!

Students: Free
Members & Non-Members: $10

RSVP to Becky Squires at beckysquires@earthlink.net

St.Edward’s PRSSA National Assembly Attendees

The PRSSA National Assembly is only one week away. Our Chapter is very excited that the event will be taking place in Austin this year, as this is our home. We hope to meet lots of students from all over the country and look forward to sharing the city with them.

Our Chapter has elected a delegate, Courtney Medford, to represent our Chapter vote in the Assembly.

We will also be sending several non-delegates to the Assembly.

  • Ally Hugg – SEUPRSSA President
  • Sara Roberts – SEUPRSSA Vice President
  • Ginny Torok – SEUPRSSA Director of Recruitment
  • Eddie Rojas – SEUPRSSA member
  • Veronica Adamcik – SEUPRSSA member
  • Brian Brown – SEUPRSSA member

So, if you’ll be in Austin for National Assembly, be sure to find us! We’re happy to chat and show you around the town. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for live updates from the Assembly.

St. Edward’s Public Relations Student Society of America Welcomes New Members for Spring 2010

Welcome Back

Hopefully everyone had an amazing holiday break and a very happy new year.  Now, it’s time to get back to the books and into the swing of things. Our first meeting will be held next Wednesday, the 20th at 7:00PM (location TBA). There are lots of things going on this semester so we have much to talk about. If you are not currently a member, please feel free to drop by this meeting to get some information about our Chapter. We will be accepting new members for the Spring semester through the end of February. If you have any further questions, please feel free to e-mail: prssa@stedwards.edu.

There is no better way to start off this semester than by attending the PRSA Networking Happy Hour.

New Year Happy Hour and Networking
Kick off the new decade with the PRSA Board of Directors
Join us and meet your new Board over Happy Hour downtown at J. Black’s Feel Good Lounge on West 6th Street. Catch up with friends/colleagues and let us know what topics you’re interested in as part of our professional development programming this year.

What: PRSA Happy Hour and Networking
Date: Thursday, January 28, 2010
Time: 5:30 – 8:00 pm
J. Black’s Feel Good Lounge
710 West 6th Street

Members and Students: $5
Non-Members: $10

2009 Communication Career Panel A Big Success!

-By Courtney Medford
Release also available for view on the PRSSA Chapter News site.

AUSTIN, Texas (Nov. 18, 2009) — Officers of the St. Edward’s University Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) Chapter and the Communication Society (COSO) teamed up to host a career panel Tuesday, Nov. 17, that brought together six local communication professionals to discuss their professions.

Both PRSSA and COSO encourage their members of young professionals to participate in extracurricular activities to gain a better understanding of the communication field outside of the classroom. At the event, the six panelists each provided personal experiences, job advice and tips from their careers, ranging from public relations and non-profit to television and radio broadcasting. Guest speakers included Ian Crawford, KUT News Editor; Ryann Malone, Assistant Account Executive at Vollmer Public Relations; Lindsey Erwin, Account Executive at Elizabeth Christian Public Relations; Patricia Paredes, Executive Director of Texas Campus Compact; and Carol Bartos, the Director of DR Operations at GSD&M Idea City. The panelists discussed the importance of social media as well as the importance of “maintaining old-school communication,” which was stressed by panelist Lindsey Erwin. At the end of the event, students were encouraged to ask questions and meet the panelists for more insight or potential internship opportunities.

The 2009 Communication Career panel proved to be a hit with over 50 students in attendance. “This opportunity was a great way to bring students with similar interests together and be in a relaxed environment for us to ask questions of the Austin professionals,” said PRSSA Chapter Treasurer Summer Rabie. “You could tell panelists were passionate about their careers in communication, which made their advice much more appealing and honest.”

Officers of both organizations will continue to stress the importance of networking and creating a list of contacts for references of communication professionals. The executive boards of both organizations were pleased with the turnout of the panel and hope to work together in the future to plan similar events.

Courtney Medford
(214) 738- 3177

SEU PRSSA Art Show a Success

Last week our PRSSA Chapter hosted an Art Show at St. Edward’s University. What a fun event to host on a rainy Friday evening. We featured 7 artists from the Austin community who proudly displayed their work in Mabee Ballroom. With good snacks and friends, the Art Show was a hit. Students passing by stopped in to view art work and listen to the featured band – Crowded Hill. One lucky guest even won a lovely painting in the silent auction. With a small door donation, our PRSSA Chapter was able to raise funding for upcoming events – such as the PRSSA National Assembly, which will be held in Austin this year. The Art Show was a great experience both for those attending and for the members who helped prepare for the event. Members gained valuable experience in event planning, organization, and promotion. We look forward to hosting a similar event in the future.  Below you will find some pictures from the event. Please feel free to inquire about any of the artists. Also be sure to check out the video clip of Crowded Hill’s performance. Thanks again to everyone who came out to support our Chapter and the artists.