Branding Expert Offers Key Business Advice During St. Edward’s “Leadership Speaker Series”

This past week our chapter and St. Edward’s University Hilltop Leadership Development program hosted the last Leadership Speaker Series event of the spring semester. All of the students who attended as well as our PRSSA members heard tips from Donna DeBerry, the former 1st Vice President of Global Diversity for Nike on leadership and personal branding.

 After gaining world renowned experience in smart business practices, marketing and branding, she began her own company. Donna is currently the CEO of a full-service branding agency, Brand Inclusion, that aids in helping individuals, businesses, and corporations smartly and strategically brand themselves for their intended audience.

Tuesday evening, Donna spoke to a large audience of St. Edward’s students and faculty with excitement and motivation. Coming from a sports heavy background working for the NFL and then again for Nike, Donna uses her 10 key tips to success in the business realm with the background metaphor of  sports teams.

The 10 keys to success she gave were:

  1. Be Optimistic, it will motivate your team members.
  2. Offer aid to a fellow team member.
  3. Show your dedication, come early, leave late, ask for constructive criticism.
  4. Take responsibility for your actions, learn from your mistakes.
  5. Make the team your priority, look at the team as a whole
  6. Learn from your experiences.
  7. Work on your communication skills, know your purpose and your message.
  8. Listen, Listen, Listen, credibility diminishes when you don’t listen.
  9. Be assertive, as a leader you must speak up because if not, then who will
  10. Manage your stress, set examples for your team members.

She also showed the students how to distinguish yourself from others through her 7 principals of personal branding. These principals are:

  1. Be clear
  2. Be professional
  3. Be confident
  4. Be true and consistent
  5. Be bold
  6. Be connected, NETWORK
  7. Be dynamic, have great interpersonal skills.

 Donna spent a significant amount of time answering the students questions about her experience and best advice to college students. She provided an ample amount of insight and wisdom into the business world that every student walked away with. Use these above tips to separate yourself from the crowd, and become a distinguished business professional!

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